Value of Art
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What is Value of Art?

Value of Art is an ongoing art project by Eivind Kleiven exploring the concept - value of art.

The FUD & FOMO series consist of two pieces FUD and FOMO. They are constructed such that their value as art is confronted continuosly against their current monetary value.

Both sculptures share a monetary value that can only be retrieved by destroying at least one of the sculptures. They are designed such that if one of the two sculptures is destroyed and the monetary value is withdrawn, then the monetary value of the remaining undestroyed sculpture will disappear immediately and only its value as art remains.


A bad idea

destroy before it is to late


A great idea

buy before it is to late



08. September - 14. October 2018

Value of Art: FUD and FOMO was exhibited at the 131th annual National Art Exhibition in Norway held at Kunstnernes hus in Oslo.


If you are interested in exhibiting Value of Art: FUD and FOMO at your gallery, please use our contact form to provide us with some details about your gallery.


The Cubes

Two 5x5x5 cm tungsten* cubes engraved with Bitcoin block 514 848 transaction hashes encapsuled in glass. Both topsides are engraved with the same public Bitcoin address. The corresponding private key, which is necessary to withdraw the monetary value, is sealed inside a 200 NOK bill glued to the cube and to the glass that they are encapsuled in. The serial number of the 200 NOK bill inside FOMO is 2401224579 and the serial number inside FUD is 2401224580. The two pieces are identical except for their engraved names: FUD and FOMO**.

* Tungsten has almost the same density as gold and is used by the mining industry due too its hardness. Bitcoin is created by a process called mining and is by many considered to be a store value such as gold. Each sculpture weighs 2.7 kg.

** Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) are terms often used in connection with investment to describe selling and buying behaviour that drives prices up or down.



Contribution pieces

To increase the monetary value of FUD and FOMO the artist has made 8 contribution pieces that are available for sale. All funds from the sales will be deposited onto FUD & FOMO.

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The artist have designed a t-shirt that is available for purchase using card or Bitcoin. It is an all-over design and the entire t-shirt is covered with Bitcoin Block 514 848 transaction hashes. The same hashes that are engraved onto the four sides of FUD & FOMO.

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Unconditional contributions are welcomed

Feel free to contribute by directly depositing Bitcoin onto the FUD & FOMO address: 14poW3eEGTn2e6xEYkcj1iJ6iAfdG4rq6v

If you want to unconditionally contribute to the project, but do not want to use Bitcoin, then you are welcome to use card by clicking on the contribute button below.