Value of Art

Art project exploring the concept - value of art

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The topic

Value of art is an ongoing process by Eivind Kleiven exploring this topic by use of art. The first art project on this topic is FUD & FOMO.


With his first project on the topic value of art, Eivind propose a battle theory of value. The theory is expressed using two sculptures sharing a monetary value that can only be retrieved by destroying at least one of them. If one is destroyed and its monetary value withdrawn, then the monetary value of the remaining undestroyed sculpture will disappear immediately and only its value as art remains.

The proposition is that since both sculptures exist, then their value as art exceed the monetary value contained by them.

The sculptures “FOMO Block 514848” and “FUD Block 514848”

The sculptures “FOMO Block 514848” and “FUD Block 514848”