Accepted at the 131th annual National Art Exhibition in Norway

Almost two years ago I got an idea about making an art piece such that it's value as art would be confronted with a monetary value that only could be retrieved by destroying the art piece. In addition I wanted some uncertainty attached to the monetary value.

I went through several potential solutions for an art piece that would convey my message and hopefully create reflections about the value of art and inter alia art as investment. Material was bought, sketches made, people contacted, but I kept on reshaping and testing different options. After a long process I ended up with Value of Art: FUD and FOMO. Below you will see an image of them before they were encapsuled in glass. And, here you can read more about my project.

FUD and FOMO - before glass.jpg

I was very satisfied with my two art pieces and applied for the National Art Exhibition in Norway (Høstutstillingen), an annual exhibition that has presented a vast spectre of art since 1882. In 2018 it will be the 131th exhibition and approximately 2000 artists applied. I was very glad when I got an email letting me know that I had passed the first jury. Now I had to deliver my art to Kunstnernes hus for the final jury. So on August 3rd I handed over my two precious cubes!

Delivery for kunstnernes hus.jpeg

The handover

Agust 3rd it was time to hand over my two art pieces for the final jury.

Then all I could do was wait.

One week later I am very proud to say that this year my art will be exhibited at Høstutstillingen!

Hope to see you there. The opening is September 8th and the last day is October 14th. I am sure that there will be alot of interesting art this year as well, I can't wait. 


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