FOMO Contribution piece 1 of 8

FOMO Contribution piece 1 of 8


This is 1 of 8 numbered FOMO contribution pieces made by the artist to increase the monetary value of FUD and FOMO. When sold, the whole sales amount will be deposited onto the FUD and FOMO Bitcoin address.

Each contribution piece is a 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm engraved tungsten cube encapsuled in glass together with it’s private key, a kind of Bitcoin piggy bank that must be broken to withdraw it’s value.

The private key is printed on Epson archival paper with ink that potentially can last for at least 300 years.

Put together, the 8 contribution pieces look like FOMO Block 514848.

This is kept by the artist which has deposited at least the sales amount onto the Bitcoin address.

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